Annual Alpaca Open House

Big Rock Alpaca Farm 2015 Open House

November 7, 8 & 14, 15, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

The alpaca walking area is always a big hit for kids and adults alike.  Be sure to bring a camera to catch that moment your loved one gets an alpaca kiss.

Herd of alpaca

Big Rock Alpaca Farm herd

Be sure to visit us at one of our earlier events to get one of our sticky notes/coupon pads.  Very useful as sticky notes, but be sure to keep the last one as coupon for your purchase in our shop.  If you can’t make it out to the open house, visit our online store to get some great alpaca products.

Unfortunately in 2014 most of the alpaca yarn didn’t make it in time for the open house, so we’ll have it out this year.  This year we’ll also be featuring some new product lines, including Classic Alpaca and Altera Socks (made in the USA) and others that haven’t been announced yet.

We plan to have the hay ride again, pulled by a tractor driven by Kelly’s father, or Josh.  Part of the hay ride route will also go past the highland cow pasture, and if they are cooperating you may get see them, including the calves that was born in the spring.

Reversible Ruana

Reversible Ruana


Some pictures from years past –

 Boy walking an alpaca at our open house.

Annual Open House hay ride