Suri Alpaca Herd Starter Package

Ready to start a small suri alpaca herd?

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As we’ve become too busy to give our suri alpacas the attention they deserve we’ve decided to give others the opportunity.  We can divide our existing herd into two very nice starter packages.

Each package will contain:

  • 1 proven female
  • 1 maiden female
  • 1 herdsire unrelated to both females
  • 1 additional herdsire
  • 1 gelding safe to put it either the male or female pen

Suri Alpaca Herd Package 1 ($5500):

  • SnowFox (proven)
  • Peekaboo (maiden)
  • Max
  • Thunder (related to Peekaboo)
  • Cimmy

Suri Alpaca Herd Package 2 ($4500):

  • Rose (proven)
  • Belle (maiden)
  • Integrator
  • Gaston (related to Belle)
  • JJ

Do you need some help or advice on setting up your own alpaca farm?  Let us know, maybe we can help as part of the package purchase.  Did you know when you’re purchasing alpacas for a business the entire purchase may be able to be depreciated the first year? (Be sure to consult your tax advisor to verify if you qualify)

Alpaca herd heading to barn

Alpaca herd heading to barn